"Clean Home, Pure Life" Initiative:

Nominate someone who could truly benefit from a free clean!

Cleaning homes and offices using natural products around Perth comes with a lot of job satisfaction. We see firsthand just how much our cleaning services take a huge load off and make such a difference in people’s lives. 

We understand that having a professional cleaner visit on a regular basis is a luxury for some and a necessity for others in order to keep some balance in their home life. We help every one of those people and many in between. No matter what the situation is, the common theme is that EVERYONE could do with a helping hand. It’s just that some people may be feeling the burden and stress of life more than others - particularly right now with the endlessly rising interest rates and cost of living.

This is where the ‘Clean Home, Pure Life’ Initiative comes in…

The "Clean Home, Pure Life" Initiative:

We hear of people who have received a tragic diagnosis and/or suffering from long-term illness and are struggling to maintain a clean space in between endless appointments.

We hear of busy Perth families craving some down time together on the weekends only to miss out due to endless responsibilities and to-do lists (including keeping their home clean and tidy). 

We hear of health care workers pulling double shifts, only to come home at the end of the day feeling they need to choose between sleep and a clean home (sleep always wins). 

We hear of the elderly in the community without close family members to help with simple tasks they find simply exhausting (such as making a bed or vacuuming under it!). 

We hear of FIFO workers feeling wrecked from long shifts and long flights and needing a weekend to rest and do the things they really love (which doesn’t usually involve cleaning).

We hear of new mums struggling to keep it all together as they navigate a new world with a tiny person and fewer hours sleep (which means the house can be left in shambles).

And sadly, we hear of Perth families struggling to make ends meet as they scramble to pay bills on time and still keep up with the endless chores of running a household.

As much as we would love to help every individual in the Perth community, we ARE able to help at least one person every month for the next 12 months (from August 2024 to August 2025), which we think is pretty great. And that’s exactly why Candice started the ‘Clean Home, Pure Life’ Initiative, because just a little of our time cleaning a home can go A LONG WAY to create a pure life for someone in need!


We invite you to nominate someone who could really do with a helping hand and who would greatly benefit from the All Pure Cleaning team's expertise in transforming their living space using our all-natural products. Your nomination could make a significant difference in their life.

The nominated person who will be chosen each month will receive a one-time 3 hour home clean*, offered with the intention of taking at least one of their many tasks off their hands!

We will do what we can in that time which we hope will make a huge difference in their life creating space to do the things they love or take the rest they need.*

A new person from a different location in Perth metropolitan area will be chosen monthly on the first Monday of the month starting August 2024 and ending August 2025. Stay tuned on our Facebook page & Instagram Profile for further updates. There will be no lock-in contracts and no catch. We just need to be servicing the area/suburb of the nominated person (sadly we don't service all of Perth, WA), bookings would be made around our existing regular clients on the day/s we are around the area and of course, the nominated person needs to agree to have us there! :D



We appreciate that you may like to keep your nomination anonymous, so we please just ask that you give our Facebook page and Instagram page a little love by liking/following us and sharing our page.


*CONDITIONS APPLY. Tasks would generally include: dusting, vacuuming, mopping, and cleaning bathrooms/toilets and kitchen surfaces - within reach. We can assist with making beds/changing sheets, doing dishes, hanging washing. What's NOT included: mould cleaning/removal, ovens, windows, vacate cleans, ironing, after-builders clean, commercial cleaning, furniture/blinds/carpet and window cleaning, deep cleaning, cleaning up after pets or any clean that puts our staff's health in danger. We will also not be able to attend the property if the recipient of the free clean or anyone in their household is sick with an infectious disease and/or cold or flu. The recipient must book and use their clean within 4 weeks of being contacted and cannot pass the booking on to another person. As bookings are made around our schedule of regular VIP clients, specific days and times or staff members cannot be requested - it will be subject to availability. The nominee must be within our area of service (feel free to contact us to be sure we do, otherwise feel free to nominate and we can let you know). The booking is subject to our cancellation policy. If the recipient wishes to add additional time and pay for it (and we are able to fulfil the request), then the additional time will be subject to our standard one-off cleaning rates and payment policy which requires payment on the day of the clean.