Our Response to COVID-19

It is business as usual with us here at All Pure Cleaning as we continue to make Perth homes and offices sparkle. However, we have implemented certain precautions amid the growing concern of the COVID-19 pandemic and below is an outline of how we are taking care within our business.

Our Commitment to you: 
It is always our priority to ensure the wellbeing and safety of our valued clients, team members, family and the community - no matter what. Particularly at this time, we feel we can work together as a watchful but caring community and take action quickly to ensure everyone is kept healthy and safe.  
With this in mind, we kindly request that you do not allow us to come and clean for you if you or anyone you live with is displaying cold/flu symptoms or any other possible contagious illness. If you or anyone you live with or have been in contact with are in self-isolation due to travel or awaiting Covid-19 testing, please let us know as soon as possible so we can book or reschedule your upcoming clean for when you and your household has been given the all-clear.

Please note we will also do the same for you, and at the same time we can assure you our team members have not recently travelled interstate or arrived recently from overseas. Should any of our team members or anyone they come into contact with exhibit any cold/flu symptoms or any other possible contagious illness, we will not allow them to come and clean for you (just as we do anyway!), as we very much value the health and safety of you and your family. If unwell and exhibiting symptoms of Covid-19, our affected team member/s will be tested and take necessary precautions including self-isolation until test results have come in. Depending on the result, then steps will be taken in accordance with the Australian Government and Health Department requirements.

We are constantly keeping ourselves up to date on the Australian Government and Health Department‘s recommendations (not the media!) so will continue to update this page with any further information, requirements and restrictions (or lifting of them) as they come into effect. 

Our Cleaning Practices: 
Please note too that infectious disease experts have advised that no special cleaning products are currently required. Soap and water are recommended as they bind with the fatty virus particles which are then washed away. The way we see it is that the way we clean your space is effectively the same as you washing your hands frequently. In the absence of detergent, then alcohol-based sanitisers are effective, but overuse can contribute to the strengthening of virus strains.

We will continue to use the same eco-friendly cleaning products as they continue to be effective. However, if you would like us to use different or stronger products like disinfectants and alcohol based cleaners and/or would like a Deep Clean or a Spring Clean with a focus on ‘high touch’ areas, please let us know.  

We also provide each of our team members with the necessary protective equipment for cleaning to use as they feel the need (such as gloves and face masks). And as always, encouraging proper handwashing before and after each job, and in between.

We encourage our clients to vacate the premise as we clean and are currently maintaining 1.5 metre physical distancing (between our team members and our clients) as per the government requirements. This means we often arrive in separate cars and will ask for space as needed.

We thank you so much for your understanding and care at this time and look forward to continuing giving you back some precious time in your life so you can relax and do the things you love while we make your home sparkle! 

With love,
Prema and the All Pure Cleaning Team