Frequently asked questions about All Pure Cleaning

Here are some of our most commonly asked questions about our all natural cleaning services. If you can’t find the answer to your burning question, feel free to give us a call on (08) 6629 4494 or send us a message and we’ll be more than happy to help!

getting started:

Only you know why you are considering hiring a cleaner and it is certainly different for everyone. But we find most people are simply too busy and really need a helping hand, or they require the help of a professional cleaner as requested by a real estate agent or they simply would rather be doing something they truly love on the weekends! Leave the cleaning to the people who really LOVE to clean – that’s us! 

Our ultra-effective cleaning methods include using products, tools and equipment which are friendly to you, your family, your pets, the environment (and also us as your cleaners!). We prefer to use natural ingredients which still do an amazing job at cleaning but which are earth and people-friendly. We avoid the use of bleach and other nasties in our natural eco-friendly cleaning services because many people have allergies/sensitivities or place health as their top priority. Some of our favourite products and tools can be found in our online store. We love doTERRA On guard cleaning concentrate, doTERRA essential oils, Young Living, Eco Store, Koala Eco and ENJO just to name a few. Plus we make our own products in house which we use at our client's homes.

We service north of the river and south of the river and east of the river in the Perth metro area. For regular cleaning, we have spots available in various suburbs, though some areas we don't currently service and some we have a waitlist for. Please contact us to see if we have a regular spot in your area - our areas of service are constantly changing which is why we cannot list them all sorry. For one-off cleaning such as vacate cleaning, rent inspection cleans and window cleaning, we may travel to suburbs further out but it all depends on our roster and team availability.

We do have a ‘terms of service’ document you will receive so that you know how we operate but we do not have contracts that lock you in. You are welcome to have a one-off clean any time with no obligation to continue, or you can book us in for a regular home clean, again with no obligation to continue (but we do require 1 business day's notice to cancel, otherwise full cancellation fees apply - view our cancellation policy). The benefit of booking a regular clean is that we will assign you a specific day (not a specific time though we cannot guarantee times) which is secured for you so you know we will always be there! Should we need to cancel due to team illness, we will be in touch to arrange a clean on another day).

We don't do 'in-person' quotes sorry. For regular cleans, rent inspection cleans and deep/spring cleans we generally provide an estimate over the phone or via email so please contact us as every house and office varies as do our rates for various services. For vacate cleans, office cleans and windows we quote based on the job so we will need as much information as possible. If you have photos or a link to the property then we can easily provide a quote to you via email. Please note that quotes are an estimate only, and if the job is materially different to what was described, we will re-confirm the cost upon arrival. Just so you know, we’ve been providing cleaning services in Perth since 2013 so we tend to accurately quote on each property we clean for.

It really depends on what you are after and how long you have booked for your clean. Whether it’s regular home cleaning, one-off spring cleaning, rental inspection cleaning, vacate cleaning, office / commercial cleaning, window cleaning, or strata cleaning – we have a list of tasks for each service. Just in case you have very specific needs or wish to create your own cleaning schedule, this is no problem for us as we can also cater each clean to your specific needs. 

No we do not clean or remove mould under any circumstances. If you have black mould on your walls, in your shower grout, on furniture or anywhere in your home, please do not ask us or expect us to remove or clean it. Firstly, black mould is toxic and mould remediation specialists wear hazmat suits have have special equipment to deal with it - we do not. Secondly, there is often ALWAYS a reason the black mould is there, and it's not because of cleaning. Mould in grout can often be a sign of a leak behind the tiles or grout failure (grout is actually porous and when water sits or pools here after a shower, it can grow very easily). Mould in silicon is often because moisture has gotten in underneath and grown (the only way to remove mould from silicon is to replace it). Mould on a bathroom wall is often due to a constantly damp environment (you could try leaving a window open while showering and/or cleaning your exhaust fan / checking it's functioning properly) - the same goes for mould on furniture. You may need to invest in a dehumidifier. Mould on walls in any room could signify a bigger issue like a water leak. A building biologist can assist you in testing the mould and conducting air quality testing, and a plumber can assist you in detecting any leaks. A mould remediation expert can assist you in cleaning mould properly once the underlying issue has been dealt with.

As we are in different suburbs on different days and sometimes things can change – we don’t currently offer an online booking system. However, you’re welcome to call us on (08) 6629 4494 email us at or send a message through facebook or instagram or smoke signal (haha, just kidding on that one) so we can provide you with a quote and book you in seamlessly. Once we find a suitable day we will send you a booking confirmation so you can rest assure you know we’ll be there.

You are never obligated to continue with a regular cleaning service under any circumstances after a trial clean but if you're happy with the first clean (and we are sure you will be!) and would like to continue with us, we will send you a follow-up email and upon your reply we can lock a regular day in for you to help you keep up with maintaining your home.

To make our house cleaning services more efficient, we ask that you pick up clothing, toys and other household items prior to a visit from us – it just means we can spend more time scrub-a-dubbing which is what we are good at if we do say so ourselves (you can also see kind words from our happy clients HERE)! However, if you would like us to tidy, we can absolutely do this too – we just need extra time added on to do so.

Sometimes we do have availability for one-off cleans (like vacate cleaning, spring cleaning, after party clean ups), as well as regular office cleans on weekends. Please note that weekend penalty rates do apply as our staff also receive penalty rates. Please contact us for a quote.

regular cleaning service:

The All Pure Cleaning team come fully prepared with an eco-friendly/natural cleaning kit and all required equipment. You can find out more about what we use HERE. We understand that some of our clients have preferences for specific products to use on special areas (such as stone or polished concrete) and can use specified house cleaning products and equipment if you wish though we will require you to supply any products or tools beyond our usual kit. Some of our clients have a specific product they need for their floors, or their own ENJO products or a special vacuum cleaner and we are happy to do this.

Generally for the first clean, a lot of our clients prefer to be home to show us around and to meet us. Though there’s no pressure if you’re too busy - you can let us know your preferences beforehand or simply leave us a note. After the first clean you can leave a key hidden in a secret location around the house for subsequent cleans (our preference is for it to be kept in a lock-box at your property). Alternatively, you can install a digital key lock on your front door. We will need to be given any relevant codes prior to cleaning to ensure lock-out fees don't apply (refer to our cancellation policy). Please note that we do not keep copies of our client's keys under any circumstances.

  • A premium clean every time: we keep our client's notes up to date so you receive a consistent and premium clean each and every time.
  • Regular updates: you will be added to our newsletter list reserved only for our VIP clients, to let you know what's happening in the business, any offers we have available, and also helpful posts on all things natural and from time to time we send out short surveys on how we can improve/what we're doing that's great.
  • Random spot checks: we conduct random spot checks of clients' homes to ensure a high standard is kept at all times.
  • Referral rewards: We offer VIP clients a reward for referrals. If you let an associate know about us and they book a regular clean, you will be rewarded with 1 hour of free cleaning which will be either added to or a discount given to your next clean. Your referred client will also receive a free 1 hour clean on their 2nd clean with us.
  • Communication with the business: We always encourage you to contact us anytime you have any issues/constructive feedback and even positive feedback (so we can reward team members for their hard work). Our regular clients (VIPs) are not just a number to us, we value every single one of them and always have our door (and phone :D) open.

We understand that you may need to cancel or reschedule your house cleaning appointment. However, to avoid paying a cancellation fee, we require as much notice as possible. We currently require at least one full business days' notice. If you cancel with less notice then please note that full amount of the scheduled cleaning will apply as a cancellation fee. We do not like to charge for services that are not provided, however, we must implement this policy so that everyone involved knows that the scheduled appointments can be counted on. Also, if we have booked a spot for you, it means we have booked the team members and have most likely turned away other clients. We appreciate your understanding on this. Please refer to our cancellation policy for further details.

Payments are due the day of your scheduled cleaning service upon completion of the clean, otherwise fees apply for each day an invoice remains unpaid. We accept card payments only (provided in advance to secure your booking). We prefer cashless payments due to limited resources in banking and do not also currently accept bank transfers as payments due to the time it takes to appear in our account. We love to clean but we don’t love following up on outstanding payments. Thank you for your understanding. Please refer to our payment policy for more information.

We generally send 1 – 2 people for a regular home clean, rental inspection clean, window clean and commercial clean (depending on the time and day you would like your clean) and 2 – 3 people for a bigger house clean. It doesn’t change the total price if we send more people to you – we will outline how this works in our quote for you. An example of what we mean by this is if you book a 3 hour clean for 1 cleaner, it is 1.5hr for 2 people. This is 2 x 1.5hr which equals 3 hours.

We have a lovely close-knit team at All Pure Cleaning and our preference is to have the same person or at least one person who has cleaned your house before. However, there are times when team members are sick, go on holiday or their university arrangements change, which means we may need to send someone you haven’t met before. Rest assured, all our team members are trained to a very high standard. We also get as many details from our clients as possible for our client management system so they will know what to do/not to do at your place. We LOVE getting as many details as possible to ensure your clean is perfect!

If for some reason we cannot make it to your home to clean (ie: a team member calls in sick) then we will do our best to arrange to find a replacement cleaner or arrange for a clean on another day the week your clean is due for completion. We will keep in communication with you and if we cannot find a replacement, we will see you for your next scheduled clean.

We LOVE animals at All Pure Cleaning! However, please do let us know if you have pets prior to our arrival. Lions, tigers and bears, oh my, and other domestic animals should be locked away for the duration of the clean – just so we can focus on the task at hand and ensure we and your pets are safe and sound. But if you do have a beloved pet you would prefer stays indoors (particularly on hot or wet days or if you have an elderly animal needing to snuggle up) then we won’t mind at all. Please just let us know how we can ensure they stay safe during the clean. And if you’re ok with it, we may even ask you if we can give them a cuddle! 

Here at All Pure Cleaning, we firmly believe that sharing is caring. You may not know this but we have a wonderful referral program! Invite your friends, family, neighbours and coworkers to use our services (we think you’ll want to if you love us anyway!). For each person you refer who books for recurring weekly or fortnightly clean with All Pure Cleaning, we will reward you with $30 discount which will be applied to your your next clean with us. Simply ask your referral to mention your name at the time of booking with us.

Yes absolutely! All the products we use to clean homes in Perth and all the products we sell in the online shop are natural and septic-safe (incl. doTERRA essential oils etc). The issue with septics is using disinfectants and bleach as it disrupts the necessary bacteria in the tanks, which we do not use.

trust & safety:

Absolutely! All our cleaning professionals are interviewed by the administration team and background-checked. They all hold a current police clearance. 

We sure are! We keep our insurances up to date. This is what sets us apart from many private cleaners. We have Public and Products Liability insurance as well as Worker's Compensation insurance which covers every staff member working for us.

Please refer to our privacy policy. Keeping your information safe and secure is our priority!

Absolutely! Your details are kept safe and secure and will only be used once your clean has been completed. In the event that you need to cancel your cleaning service, your card details will be deleted safely.  For more information, please refer to our terms of use

We guarantee satisfaction! That means if you are not completely satisfied please let us know within 24 hours of the job. We do take this sort of thing seriously but it is very hard to rectify or deal with if you let us know 1 – 2 weeks later and sadly we will not be able to do anything if you choose to contact us after 24 hours. Dust and dirt can accumulate very easily after this time. If you let us know right away we can speak to you personally about how we can rectify the issue. 


All Pure Cleaning is a small/medium sized business with a close-knit team, which has been owned by Candice since 2013. Although Candice may not personally clean your house, you will definitely continue to hear from her from time to time, as well as her fabulous administration team. Each team member is carefully hand-selected so you will always be greeted with friendly, smiling faces in your house who will always clean to perfection! Candice’s mum, Marina, is also a very big part of the business so may get a chance to meet her too! We think you’ll love the team as much as we love them!

Our cleaning team are very careful and remain aware at all times when they clean. We do ask you to let us know of anything which is particularly fragile and/or if you wish for us to not dust/clean/vacuum anywhere. In the unlikely event that something is broken or damaged, we will let you know right away and fix or replace it. For your peace of mind, we are insured. Again, we do our utmost to ensure this is never something you have to deal with. 

We are very proud of our excellent customer service and high quality cleaning service. All our team members are trained to the same high standard. We stand by our cleans and provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee, however, in the unlikely event that you are not happy with the clean, we will firstly speak with you to find out what has happened (communication is super important to us and oftentimes it is simply due to a misunderstanding) . If you are not happy for any reason, we do ask that you contact us within 24 hours so we can come out and rectify the clean at no charge to you. It is very hard to rectify or deal with complaints if we are informed weeks later. Thank you for understanding on this and rest assured, your satisfaction is our priority! 

We welcome all feedback from all of our clients, as we are always looking for ways to improve our service, and we also love to pass on positive feedback to our team members. We feel confident you will be happy with our services so please feel free to share your sparkling clean home pictures & reviews – which then helps us to spread the word about our wonderful service.

You’re most welcome to post reviews at Google & Facebook or send us an email any time!

Sorry but we can't offer the choice of cleaning teams as it is based on our availability.

On that note, any racist, sexist or ageist comments and requests and the like are unacceptable, and we will refuse your clean if any such comments or requests are made.

We are a business that 100% supports equal rights and WILL NOT discriminate in any way against anyone, ever. Our amazing team is chosen for their experience, their kindness, their level of care and their suitability to the business.

If our administration and cleaning team are treated with any disrespect or rudeness, especially around this issue, we will refuse to clean and/or cancel services immediately.



We currently post items within Australia only using Australia Post (Australia-wide) or courier service (within Western Australia). We do not currently offer International shipping at this stage.

We pack orders received within 48 hours and aim to dispatch orders within 72 business hours. As soon as your order is dispatched, you will receive a tracking link via email for you to stay updated on when your parcel will be delivered. We cannot guarantee any delivery dates at this time (and particularly around Christmas time).

Australia Post may require you to sign for your All Pure Cleaning package. However, if you would prefer to have your package left in a safe place such as your doorstep or letterbox, you can check the authority to leave option at our checkout. You can also provide delivery instructions in the comments section at checkout which will be included on your package. Any packages marked as authority to leave will cannot be replaced if they go missing – please note this risk when checking this option. 

If you find your package is still in transit for longer than expected, please contact us so we can investigate with Australia Post. In the unfortunate and rare occasion that this happens, it could take 2 – 3 weeks to locate the missing package.

If there was a delay due to an incorrect or incomplete address, your package will be returned to us and in order to have it resent to the correct address we will require the postage to be paid again. Please double check all addresses before ordering. 

Once an order has been processed through our online system, unfortunately we are unable to make any changes or provide shipping refunds. Please double check your order before finalising it or please note two shipping fees will apply. 


Absolutely! We want to ensure your online shopping experience goes smoothly so we will provide online store credit or a refund for any items that are unopened within 30 days of receipt of purchase.

To arrange a return, please contact us so that we can issue you with a ‘Return Merchandise Authorisation’ number and ensure a prompt refund for the product you plan to return. All items must be returned UNUSED and in the ORIGINAL PACKAGING for a refund to be processed. Shipping and handling is not refunded. Items will not be refunded if they are returned used or not in original packaging.

Oh no! Sorry to hear that. Please send an enquiry through our contact page and we will happily help you. Please write details of the issues you’re experiencing, including a picture or even a video so we know what’s happening. We’ll respond with an appropriate solution as soon as we can.