Our Payment Policy

We love to clean but we really don’t enjoy debt collecting. We do not offer credit terms or have the time and resources to chase payment after cleaning, so we require all cleaning services to be paid for prior to or during the clean. Please do not make a booking unless you are able to pay us as per these terms. Additionally, please note vacate cleans require a deposit to secure the booking. Our available payment method is currently EFTPOS. 

We offer two options for payment. Firstly, you may save your card details on file before your scheduled clean, and your card will automatically be charged once the clean is complete. Alternatively, you can pay the staff in person with a credit card. Cashless payment is preferred 

Deposits for vacate cleans are made in advance by EFTPOS. We will give you instructions at time of booking. Deposits for services that are cancelled can be refunded in full, less any cancellation fees that apply if less than 1 business day’s notice is given for the cancellation (read more about our cancellation policy here). We do not accept EFT/bank transfer payment, except in extenuating circumstances and when made in advance.

Balance payments can be made to the administration team during the clean using a credit or debit card, but MUST be done before the cleaning team leave the property. If cashless payment is unavoidable, cash payments can be made directly to your cleaner during the clean, who will count the money and mark your invoice as paid. Please note that we do not carry change and you will need to provide EXACT CHANGE only. If you intend to settle your balance payment with EFTPOS but will not be present at the end of your clean to pay in person, you must provide us payment details in advance. We do not accept balance payments made after the clean.

We use a payment gateway called Stripe to process card payments on the job. Due to the fees associated with this payment facility, a 1% surcharge applies to all EFTPOS payments. Irrespective of payment method, every clean is invoiced and you will receive a copy of your paid invoice after each clean by email, usually within 1 business day. All invoices include GST and this is clearly indicated on your tax invoice.

If payment is not made as per the terms above, or if payment declines at time of processing a balance payment, we will charge a late fee of $10 per instance to follow up or re-attempt processing of your outstanding payment, and future services will be suspended. As mentioned above, we do not have the time and resources to chase payment after cleans, so please ensure your payment details are up to date and you have sufficient funds in your account.

If you have any other questions about our payment policy, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

In Summary...

  • Our available payment method is EFTPOS (credit or debit) as cashless payment is preferred.
  • We do not accept EFT/bank transfer payment made after a clean. In extenuating circumstances, we may accept EFT/bank transfer for deposits prior to a clean. In this case, funds must be cleared in our account before we will accept your booking.
  • Deposits are required for vacate cleaning bookings.
  • Payment for every clean must be settled either prior to or during the clean, preferably in person or to our administration team.
  • You are welcome to provide us with payment details in advance if you are unable to settle payment in person on the day.
  • A 1% surcharge applies to any payment made by EFTPOS.
  • A late fee of $10 will be charged and services may be suspended if payment terms are breached.
  • All cleans are invoiced electronically within 1 business day and invoices will indicate GST and the amount that was paid.