10 ways to keep your home germ-free this Winter

10 ways to keep your home germ-free this Winter

To assist you in keeping your home germ-free this winter, we’ve outlined 10 easy ways to do so below.

1. Clean your upholstery

Vacuum your pillows and furniture to suck up any germs on the surfaces.

2. Wash your guest towels & hand towels

The bathroom is a prime target for germs, so wash your hand and bath towels in hot water weekly to kill any germs residing on them.

3. Cleanse “uncommon” surfaces

Use a disinfectant (preferably vinegar or doTERRA’s On Guard Cleaning Concentrate) on light switches, TV remotes, doorknobs, and refrigerator doors to kill off germs that can easily spread.

4. Replace or clean your cloths & sponges

Wash your sponges and cloths on hot in the washing machine to prevent the spread of germs. Be sure to add some disinfectant to make sure you really zap those nasties.

5. Clean or replace toothbrushes

Toothbrushes need to be replaced on a regular basis (roughly every two months), and cleaned on a regular basis to eliminate surface bacteria.

6. Clean your laptop or desktop keyboard

Use a disinfectant to clean your keyboard as well as your mouse to prevent the transfer of germs from surface to surface.

7. Don’t forget about soap dispensers

Despite holding germ-fighting liquid, soap dispensers are constantly touched by dirty hands. To eliminate any germs on the surface, simply use a cloth with a germ-fighting cleanser and go over the surface. 

8. Wash your bedding

Sheets and mattresses need regular cleaning to maintain a fresh and germ-free surface. Vacuum your mattress and wash the fabric according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Don’t forget about the sheets too! Weekly is always best.

9. Don’t forget to clean your rubbish bin

Rubbish bins are full of nasties, so clean inside them regularly with warm water and doTERRA On Guard Cleaning Concentrate to restore them to their former glory.

10. Keep hand sanitiser within reach

After you’ve cleaned your home, place hand sanitiser near the front door to prevent the spread of germs.

Enjoy your germ-free Winter!

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