3 Important Reasons to Use All Natural Cleaning Products

Natural cleaning products perth

Have you switched to natural cleaning products yet? 

If not, here's some motivation for you:

Using all natural cleaning products are not just safer for YOU and YOUR health, but also:


They're smaller so are more vulnerable to toxin exposure at home. They tend to be closer to carpets, garage floors, gardens & breathing the air inside, which may harbor chemical and pesticide residues from sprays. Their small bodies have to work overtime to process chemicals at a faster rate but they're breathing them in more quickly too!


Many household cleaners contain ingredients which can irritate their small and fragile airways, skin, eyes and throat. They can be poisonous if swallowed, even in tiny doses! Little kids are curious and tend to get into cupboards (often where said products are stored). And if you happen to breathe in or swallow any toxins while pregnant, they can enter the blood stream and pass to the baby via the placenta.


Already swamped with chemicals, the products we use make a difference. Many chemicals found in standard household cleaners can end up in our fresh and saltwater ecosystems where they are extremely dangerous to animals, plants and ultimately, to our drinking water and health. 

Make the switch to using non-toxic products to protect you, your loved ones and the environment!

Here at All Pure Cleaning, we use the best non-toxic cleaning products when we come and clean your home. AND ... we sell some of them in our online shop (for those of you who prefer to D.I.Y) with shipping available Aus-wide. Products so natural, you could almost eat them.

One last hot tip...

If you aren't using all natural cleaning products yet and find the changeover process a little overwhelming, there's no need to throw everything away and replace your entire collection in this very minute. Slowly replace one item at a time as you use it up! 

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