3 Simple ways to make your cleaning products go the distance

3 simple ways to make your cleaning products go the distance

With a family to take care of –not to mention any pets around the home—cleaning products can become quite expensive. In some cases, it can be even more expensive if you are anything like us and strive to use all natural products.

If you’re struggling to keep up with your budget whilst maintaining a germ and chemical-free home environment, then consider our 3 simple tips to make your cleaning products go the distance.

1. Use a small amount of product

So often we get caught up in using the maximum amount of product for whatever it is we are doing. However, by using the right portions (ie: only what is absolutely necessary) you can save money on products and achieve a cleaner space. For example, instead of filling up your dishwasher soap receptacle to the top, fill it up half way when your dishes aren’t particularly dirty. Use your judgement and awareness to make the best decision.

2. Use spray on a cloth instead of on the surface

When dusting, simply spray your cloth instead of spraying the surface you are dusting. This prevents you from using too much product and getting trigger happy. Many of us believe that we need to douse our kitchen benchtops with chemicals in order for it to be clean but this simply isn’t the case. Just a few spritzes on a moist sponge will do the job just as well. 

3. Purchase Multi-Purpose Products

The more places you can use your cleaning products, the less money you’ll spend. Aim to buy multi-purpose cleaners instead of niche products if you’d like to save on your budget. We LOVE using doTERRA’s On Guard Household cleaner which can be used on pretty much any surface in the home.

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