3 things I do Every Single Day to Keep my Home Clean & Tidy

3 things I do every day to keep my home clean & tidy

Some people avoid cleaning whenever they get the chance whereas some people actually do love spending their weekends cleaning... I fall into the latter category! A clean home not only makes me feel good mentally, but it's also hygienic and keeps dust and mould at bay.

There are 3 things I do every day though which are part of my daily routine and help me keep on top of things, particularly when I am short of time:⁠

1. Tidy at the end of the day:

Only once a day and at the end, I do a quick walk-through of each space in my home, and tidy up. I refer to it as my 'evening refresh'. I was trying to tidy up after my toddler throughout the day and I found myself endlessly cleaning and tidying, it was such a waste of my time.

My evening refresh involves putting all the toys away (though I am starting to teach my son how to do this, he's 19 months old so not ready to do it all himself yet). I pop a load of dishes on and put a load of washing on. I have purposeful and decorative baskets in most rooms in which I put any random items just to keep any clutter hidden away/organised. I tidy throw blankets and cushions and wipe down the kitchen bench. I do also clean the kitchen as I go throughout the day but if that hasn't been possible for some reason, then I quickly clean/tidy up in there. My aim is to spend no more than 30 minutes tidying and cleaning in the evening.

2. Make sure everything has a "spot" and put it back there:

I make it easy to get out the door in the morning by having everything I need in the same place. I have a small bench seat in my hallway + button hooks on the walls near my entry door. This area houses all the necessary items I need to use each day and looks great at the same time!

Plus, my keys are ALWAYS in my bag, my drawers and cupboards are labelled, my dog's toys have their own basket. It's really easy to clean and tidy when everything has its own designated place to go. 

3. Make my bed first thing in the morning:

Making the bed first thing in the morning kick-starts productivity levels and makes it that much harder to crawl back into bed. I have been doing this for 10 years now and it makes all the difference! Not only does it instantly make my room look clean but more importantly, it deters me from even attempting to mess my sanctuary up or leave anything lying around.


What about you? Have you got any positive habits that make it easy to keep your home clean?

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