4 Motivational tips to help you get your clean on

4 motivational tips to help you get your clean on

Let’s face it, cleaning isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. In fact, it would probably be safe to say the majority of us don’t like to clean (ok, maybe All Pure Cleaning not included here 😉). What we do like is how we feel after we clean!

When you tidy your space, you create an environment in which you feel motivated, relaxed, creative and organized. It’s a great feeling to walk into a clean home and it’s an even better feeling when you’ve undertaken the clean yourself!

How do you get inspired to clean if you are feeling overwhelmed and just plain old unmotivated? We have put together our motivation tips for getting your clean on (even if you don’t feel like it!).

So, no more procrastinating. 😀 We have THE best ideas around to help you create a home environment you want to come home to and spend time in.


    This is our first tip because it is probably the best one to get you started. If cleaning the WHOLE house seems impossible and is blocking you from doing any cleaning at all, pick a room and then pick a job inside that room. For example, if you choose the kitchen, clean the kitchen bench. Once you’ve tackled one small job, you’re more likely to want to continue!


    This tip is related to the one above. Start small! Make a list! Chunk your tasks into smaller ones so you don’t feel so overwhelmed. Also, commit to cleaning up. Making a conscious decision and commitment to clean is part of the KonMari method articulated by Marie Kondo the ‘minimalist ‘Queen of Clean’. You know what they say… 80% of life is about showing up. Show up to clean. Set your targets, make your list, chunk the tasks into smaller more manageable ones and simply show up!


      You know what I said about how you feel when your house is clean? Okay! Well, we're going to do a little visualization now. It will take 30 seconds. So, close your eyes. Imagine your house clean and sparkly and smelling great. How do you feel?

      A 30 second visualization can be a great motivator and it has the power to make you commit. Making a commitment means you are more than half-way to creating a clean home. Remember, you’ve got to show up.


        Okay, this isn’t a romantic dinner for two but treat cleaning as a ritual and you may get more enjoyment out of the process – not just the end result. Play music, put a motivational blend in your diffuser, use amazing products that you’ve made or, bought. Don’t make cleaning a chore! Make it a pleasure, a ritual. It’s something you have to do right so why not make the experience as enjoyable as possible. If you prefer to have the T.V on in the background do that. If you want to light some candles, why not make that a part of your cleaning routine?

        These are just a few of our tips for getting in the cleaning zone! We hope they help you to get your home sparkly clean.

        Tell us in the comments how you go about motivating yourself to clean. We’d love to hear your thoughts.

        Happy Cleaning!

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