4 of the Best Uses for Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree (known also as the Melaleuca alternifolia) is an incredible Australian plant, found natively in Queensland and New South Wales. It is just one of Australia’s native wonders with incredible antiseptic and antiviral properties and has a plethora of uses from cleaning to healing.

Here are some of our favourite ways to incorporate tea tree oil into the home:

Add Tea Tree Oil to your diffuser to ward off cold and flu:

Tea tree Oil is high in natural antiviral properties, making it ideal for fighting germs and helping to cleanse the body. If you feel cold and flu symptoms starting to creep up on you, try adding a few drops to your diffuser and running it while you sleep. tea tree oil can help kill bacteria and breathing in small amounts over night can help your body fight cold and flu infections and kill unwanted germs.

Clean Linen Diffuser Blend:

Here at All Pure Cleaning, we are big fans of beautiful, clean, home made scents you can use in your home year-round. Even if you’re not fighting off a cold, tea tree oil can be used in your diffuser to keep your house smelling gorgeous. Try our Clean Linen diffuser blend, which uses a delicious combination of lavender, grapefruit and tea tree. You can find the diffuser blend instructions on our Instagram post here.

Add Tea Tree to your washing machine:

You heard us right! Adding a few drops of tea tree to your load of washing can help give your clothes a deep clean and keep them smelling fresh as well. We like to add a few drops in with our washing detergent or our home made fabric softener to keep every batch of laundry smelling ultra fresh.

Rubbish Bin Deodorizer:

We bet you didn’t know tea tree oil could be used for keeping your rubbish from stinking up your entire house! All Pure Cleaning has got you covered with our favourite Rubbish Bin Deodorizing recipe. Your bin will never smell better - trust us.

Let us know your favourite way to use tea tree oil below and be sure to share these fab tips with anyone who could use a bit of extra “clean” in their lives.



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