5 Simple ways to freshen up your home

5 simple ways to freshen up your home

Your home is your sanctuary… it’s somewhere you come home to relax at the end of a long day of work, you entertain family and friends, you sleep and eat there every single day so the last thing you want is to be doing so in a dirty, unsanitary and uninspiring home, wouldn’t you agree?

There is no need to spray every surface of your home with bleach to create an uplifting and healthy abode, so here are 5 simple ways you can freshen up your home, naturally…

1. Display some indoor plants: 

Did you know that the air around you in your home can sometimes be more toxic than the air outside? According to EPA.gov, the concentration of Volatile Organic Compounds (otherwise known as “VOCs”) can be up to ten times higher indoors than outdoors! VOCs are gases emitted from solid items or liquids (carpets, paints etc) and the mixture of chemicals can cause adverse reactions in most people (ie: vomiting, nausea, fatigue, headaches, dizziness, irritation and even cancer). Indoor plants are incredible for assisting in eliminating air pollutants, counteracting off-gassing and contributing to balanced internal humidity. An added bonus is that they are natural, cheap, and are great for aesthetics as they look amazing with their glossy texture and vibrant colours. They’re also a great way to keep you grounded by taking care of them and keeping you in touch with nature. Some wonderful indoor plants worth investing in are: bamboo palm, peace lily, spider plant and dracaenas.

2. Start using natural cleaning products: 

We at All Pure Cleaning LOVE natural cleaning products to freshen up our homes. If you have a kitchen cupboard full of chemicals, it may be time to start using natural products which are beneficial to your family’s health, your pet’s health AND the environment. A few of my favourite ingredients for natural cleaning are: bi-carb soda, vinegar, borax and liquid castile soap. Get creative and create your own products – add essential oils such as lavender, lemon and tea tree for extra sanitising and lovely smells. I love using Young Living products so if you don’t have time to make your own, check out the Thieves Household Cleaner.

3. Invest in a salt lamp:

The himalayan Salt crystal lamps have a fine saline film on the surface which is evaporated by the heat from the light. It then works to improves indoor air quality by releasing negatively charged ions into the air to balance out the positive ions released by (our obsession with) electronics.  They may also come with a multitude of other benefits including: stress relief, cleaner air and allergy relief.

4. Use essential oils: 

Light some lovely smelling natural soy wax candles, add refreshing pure essential oils to a diffuser, or burn some relaxing natural incense. Be sure to choose pure and natural products with whichever method you choose as what you burn, you will also breathe into your lungs.

5. Let the light in:

Don’t keep yourself in the dark, the sun is energising and uplifting. Lift up the blinds and pull back the curtains to allow lots of light into your home. While you’re at it – open your windows to allow natural air flow to clear out a stagnant home.

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