5 Terrible Things Cleaning Chemicals Can Do To Kids

I have recently had a baby and although I've always been very aware of toxic chemicals and their negative impact on my family (which prompted me to make the switch to all-natural products 15 years ago), it suddenly became EVEN MORE important when I found out I was expecting my first child!⁠

I am really proud that All Pure Cleaning only offer natural cleaning solutions, so our service (and products found online) are perfect for ANYONE but especially for those who are expecting or have kiddies and pets.

There are many reasons to avoid nasty chemicals which are often used in regular household cleaning products (not to mention ALL products we put on our skin) but here are 5 terrible things cleaning chemicals can do to kids:

1. Eczema

You know the phrase "smooth as a baby's bottom", well baby's skin is super soft because it's so new. BUT it's also really sensitive, and studies have found that irritants and allergens in household cleaners and detergents can cause skin irritation including eczema from a very young age.

2. Airway Irritation

Powerful fumes from household cleaners can irritate your baby's airways, making allergy or asthma symptoms worse (and this was one of the reasons I started a natural cleaning business, because back in 2007 I was noticing my reactions to bleach etc).

3. Eye Irritation

Household cleaner fumes are way too harsh for a new baby's precious eyes and they can cause some serious irritation as well as redness and watering - even if just exposed to fumes.⁠

4. Allergies

Some researchers believe that having a "too clean" home too clean can increase the long-term risk of allergies in a child (interesting, right!?). It's called the "hygiene hypothesis". Without some germ exposure, a child's immune system might not develop as it should and instead becomes hypersensitive which causes an overreaction to harmless allergens, like pollen or dander.⁠

5. Unknown health effects

Some household cleaners have fragrances that contain chemicals like phthalates. And while their health effects aren't known for sure, some studies have found a possible connection between phthalates and disrupted hormone levels.⁠


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