7 ways to prevent dust build up

7 ways to avoid dust build up

Dust can really seem like the enemy sometimes don’t you think?! It prevents your house from looking sparkling clean sometimes even immediately after you’ve dusted and vacuumed. Fortunately, you can prevent dust around the house if you just know how to do it. To give you a head start to managing your dust bunnies, I’ve outlined 7 ways to prevent dust:

1. Use air purifiers

Suck up dust before it falls to your surfaces by using air purifiers. If you can catch and prevent dust before it falls, you won’t have to fight it once it does!

2. Replace your air filters

Change or clean your air conditioning filters on a regular basis to remove dirt from the air in your home. This will also help reduce allergies if you or your family suffers from them.

3. Avoid fabric softener with cleaning cloths

Don’t use fabric softener when you wash your cleaning cloths, it traps dirt and prevents them from absorbing dirt and dust which makes them essentially useless.

4. Reduce your ornaments and photo frames

Ornaments and photo frames look awesome and they provide character to your home but in reality they are also little more than dust gatherers. Where possible, reduce them to just a small handful in order to prevent dust buildup.

5. Opt for wooden blinds over curtains

Wooden blinds are easier to clean and don’t retain as much dust as fabric curtains do. All you have to do is run your finger over your blinds to see how easy it is to remove dirt. A bit of dust spray on a microfiber cloth and you’re good to go.

6. Put heavy-duty doormats outside of your front door

Rubber mats help seal in dirt and keep it outside preventing build-up inside of your home thereby eliminating or reducing allergies. Take it one step further by taking off your shoes at the front door to avoid bringing dust in from the outside world.

7. Avoid static

If your home stays between 40% to 50% static then your dirt levels will dramatically increase. Static attracts dirt and makes it harder to remove. You can remove some of the static by raising the humidity in your home.

Preventing dust is much easier than removing it, so take steps to prevent it in advance and make your life easier!

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  • Dylan Snow

    Dust is a common nuisance that can exacerbate allergies and respiratory issues, so your tips and insights are incredibly valuable (https://www.ozmist.com.au/).

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