Why Chemical Free Cleaning? How Chemical Free Cleaning Protects Your Health and the Environment

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We love chemical-free cleaning Perth homes, because we know that chemical-free cleaning can leave a home beautifully clean, with none of the nasties for you, or the environment. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that chemicals requiring you to wear a mask while you are using them probably aren’t good for you. Your cleaning chemicals are likely to be the most toxic things in your home and can cause a range of nasty conditions even if used correctly. But they also pose a huge risk if your children and pets get access to them.

Corrosive cleaners are the most dangerous cleaning chemicals. These include drain cleaners, oven cleaners, bleach and ammonia. They will burn the skin and eyes upon contact. Combining bleach and ammonia creates the potentially fatal chloramine and chlorine gases.

For people with sensitive skin or eyes and respiratory conditions such as asthma, lung or heart conditions, the corrosive or irritating effects of cleaning chemicals are likely to cause acute irritation to the skin, eyes and airways. Last time I used bleach to clean a shower, I couldn’t get the taste of bleach out of my throat for the rest of the day, which is disturbing to even write about. Suffice to say, I avoid using bleach now.

Toxic Cleaning Chemicals: The Hidden Dangers in Your Home

Exposure to cleaning chemicals, even using them as the label suggests, through a lifetime can cause chronic conditions such as cancer, respiratory disorders, hormonal disorders and reproductive difficulties. As your reproductive and hormonal systems are the most vulnerable in your body, they’re the most affected by chemicals, which can ultimately cause infertility. Children, especially, in the womb and as infants, are more vulnerable to environmental toxins than adults. Exposure to chemicals in early development can cause or exacerbate chronic and disabling diseases such as birth defects, cancer, asthma, and neurobehavioural dysfunction and also increase the likelihood of disease and disability later in life.

Spraying chemicals contributes to indoor air pollution and negatively affect the health of your family. There is also the risk of accidental poisoning by ingesting cleaning chemicals.

The vast majority of poisonings happen in the home, from the ingestion of poisonous chemicals.

Why have dangerous chemicals in your home when you can get your house sparkling clean with chemical free cleaning?

Save the Earth With Eco-Friendly Cleaning

More people are moving to eco-friendly and chemical free cleaning as they become conscious of the effects that the products they use have on plant and animal life, waterways and air.

Cleaning products which contain phosphorus, nitrogen and ammonia are particularly dangerous to the environment. While most pollutants you wash down your sink are removed from the water by our waste treatment facilities, phosphorus, nitrogen and ammonia, which are common ingredients in many household cleaning products, are likely to make it through the treatment process, be returned to and build up in our waterways, contributing to the accelerated growth of certain plants. As plant life grows due to excessive nourishment, it overwhelms the other plants and animal life in the waterways. As the plants then die, they decay and deplete oxygen from the water. Algae grows and all the animals start to die off, including bird life, causing more decay and the cycle continues.

Algal bloom has devastated many of Perth’s waterways, not least of all areas of the Swan River, making them unsuitable for recreational use or fishing, and caused poisonings to animals and humans. This is caused largely by pollution, including the waste from household cleaning chemicals being released into waterways. These chemicals can also simply be deposited in the waterways and decrease the quality of our drinking water.

It is important to consider the packaging your products come in as well. Opt for recycled packaging and buy larger containers so that you’re buying less often and contributing less waste to landfill, wherever possible. Or better still, make your own eco-friendly cleaning products from non-toxic ingredients and rest easy knowing you and your family are safe and you’re taking care of the environment. Or let the experts take care of it and give us a call for the best Chemical Free Cleaning in Perth with All Pure Cleaning!

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