Cleaning Tips to get you through the School Holidays

Cleaning with kids during school holidays in Perth

Raise your hand if the house ends up a mess every time school gets out and the kids are at home 24/7. Is your hand up? Because ours sure is! 

It can be difficult to find the time to keep your house tidy while the kids are home, so here are a few helpful hints from the All Pure Cleaning Team that you can implement this school holidays:⁠

Wake before the kids:

You have probably noticed the kids sleep in later and later as they grow up. Why nag them to hurry up and get out of bed when you can use this time to your advantage? Rising before them allows you to tackle quite a few of your daily chores without interruption. By the time they finally drag themselves from their beds you’ve already tackled a good portion of the cleaning chores for the day and you’re now free to go back to being their slaves (did we say slaves…we meant playmates…)

Good Habits:

Developing good cleaning habits with your kids will help you to keep your home sparkling! If you set the ground rules from day 1 and give them 2 tasks to complete each day, the task of keeping the house clean becomes a lot easier. Praising them for their help will only further encourage them to continue to help out, so don’t forget to share the love.⁠

Head Outside and Enjoy the Weather:

It is a bit of no brainer really. If you are all outside there is no possible way the house can’t get dirty haha - Or is there?! At the very least, you will get to enjoy this beautiful Perth weather!

Start a Routine:

Build a (simple) daily tidying or cleaning routine for yourself and let the kids know what time of the day this will be. Whether it be vacuuming the floors, cleaning the bench tops or giving them bathrooms a once over, they will know that you have set that time aside each day to get the job done and will get used to entertaining themselves while you clean for a little while⁠. Better yet, pop some fun tunes on in the background and let them expend some energy while you get to enjoy some motivational cleaning tunes.

Involve the Kids:

We have some great homemade natural cleaning recipes that your kids can help you make. We recommend our Natural Window Cleaning Recipe or our Liquid Fabric Softener Recipe because they smell amazing, are kid safe and easy to create. If you liked these you can find heaps more over on our Instagram. We update with new natural cleaning recipes regularly. OR, get your hands on our 'D.I.Y Mindful Minimalist Cleaning Kit' where you can create your own cleaning products using the bottles, oils, recipe card and ingredients from around your home!

Bringing the fun back into cleaning is a great way to make this school holidays both enjoyable AND productive. The dishes and laundry will always be there; but special moments and memories made with your kids last forever.⁠

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