How to have fun when cleaning your home

How to have fun when cleaning your home

We all are so busy in our day to day lives and barely have time for our children and doing things we love, let alone finding time to take care of our beautiful (albeit messy) house! The days are long gone from when women were confined to their homes, taking care of daily chores, their families’ needs and maintaining their houses. These days, women are far more independent, with their own careers taking up much of their time. With most of the household out all day working hard, it often means that cleaning and chores are the last thing on the to-do list.

At the end of a long day, we all want our family homes to be sparkling clean and tidy but what we tend to arrive home to each day is pure and utter chaos – a mess (and most of it from the night before when we were way too tired to deal with it)! So why not incorporate a new habit to eliminate this chaos… the habit of cleaning. Even just a small amount of cleaning once a week will relieve some of the stress of coming home to a ridiculously untidy house, not to mention better for yours and your family’s health (have you seen how much dust accumulates underneath the couch and on your bedside table?).

Cleaning doesn’t have to be a chore or a tough task at all. When done in the name of fun (call it a game if you like), it can be quite relaxing and enable stress-free living. Here are a few simple tips to make cleaning more fun so that at the end of each week, instead of craving a glass of wine, you are craving the feel of an enjo mop in your left hand and a microfibre in your right hand:

Play some tunes – have a cleaning party

Many of us use music to relax and unwind, so why not include it as part of your new weekly cleaning habit. Pop on your favourite CD, turn the volume up loud and dust away. You’ll get so lost in the tunes that you won’t even realise you’ve cleaned an entire room already. And you never know, the rest of the family may see you having so much fun, they too want to be involved.

Make a plan and book it in

First decide from where you would like to begin cleaning. Our suggestion would be the high traffic areas such as kitchens, living rooms and then the bed rooms as these tend to be used the most. Then, complete one corner of the room, and then the next as you slowly move around the house. Be sure to make a date in your diary for cleaning each week. If it’s not scheduled in then it most likely won’t happen.

Be present with what you’re doing

While cleaning your humble abode, become very aware of exactly what you’re cleaning and how you’re cleaning. Become present to the way the mop picks up the stains on tiles and how the microfibre wipes clean all of the dusty areas. If you’re not thinking about cleaning and your mind is focused on what you’re doing instead, you will be surprised how quickly time goes by.

If you find that even after trying these handy tips, cleaning is still not your thing, then its perfectly OK… We at All Pure Cleaning – the go-to Perth Home Cleaning Service is always there to help you. Call us anytime on 08 6629 4494 and allow our well-trained, very reliable, very professional and well-equipped staff make your house sparkling clean again.

Your house is precious to you, and likewise, you are precious to us 

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