Koh Cleaning Review: The Pros and Cons

Koh cleaning products review

We get a lot of questions about Koh cleaning products so here it is, our Koh cleaning review.

As a professional eco-friendly cleaning company, what we look for when choosing a cleaning product may be different to people just cleaning their own house. We’ve formulated our Koh cleaning review to give as much information as we can so that you can make up your own mind.

Koh is made up of water and potassium mineral salts. The potassium ions lift, suspend and bind to dirt and grime and then convert them to an inert carbonate mineral water. Koh is marketed as a universal cleaner that you can use on absolutely anything from glass, to ovens and anything in between with fantastic results. So a lot of people are wondering, does it live up to the hype? Can one product really be great for everything?


The Positives


Koh is GECA (Good Environmental Choice Australia) certified, which is an independent not-for-profit environmental certification program. After Koh cleaner reacts with dirt, the result is an inert, odourless, almost Ph neutral liquid that is safe for grey water and septic systems, and is non allergenic. It’s safe for all surfaces.

This is really how it feels when you’re using it. It has no smell, doesn’t foam and has no stickiness or viscosity, so it feels just like water on your skin. It’s hard to believe that it’s actually a cleaning product at all. So it really ticks this box and if skin sensitivity or allergies are something that stop you from using regular cleaning products, this might be perfect for you.

One Single Product

Koh is very versatile and can be used as a glass cleaner, surface cleaner, and even used as an oven cleaner. So if it’s handy for you to just have a single product that you use for everything, this might be a plus.

Online Delivery

Koh don’t stock in stores so the only way you can get it is online. Which means delivery to your doorstep. It’s Australian based, so it arrives quickly. Their staff are very friendly and helpful, so ordering is a breeze.


Koh kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria. It reacts differently to detergent (which is the active ingredient in most surface sprays) but uses the same principle. It traps dirt and grease particles for you to remove and wash away.

It’s effective as a surface cleaner.

Because there is no foam and we’re so used to cleaning products foaming, it can be hard to see where you’ve sprayed it.

Koh requires more wiping than a detergent based spray, and the microfibre cloth is really doing most of the work.

Using the cloth with water gets you almost the same result. If a surface is very dirty, you will probably need to spray it twice.

The active ingredient is less than 0.5% potassium salt, so it’s not that powerful and I would’t recommend it for most heavily soiled surfaces.

Koh does leave surfaces, especially stone, with a nice finish. Detergent based sprays leave a slight sheen behind whereas Koh leaves a very natural looking matte finish.

Eco-Friendly Oven Cleaner

Ovens get very dirty and a heavy duty product is usually what’s required. Caustic oven cleaners make quite short work of even the worst ovens, but they’re not great for the environment or your health.

There are several non-toxic ways to clean an oven but all of them require a bit of hard work and the right tools.

Baking soda can be difficult to apply, messy and not always reliable.

As far as eco-friendly ways to clean an oven go, Koh is my favourite. You do need the right tools, a few applications and a fair bit of elbow grease, but it works. It’s a case of spraying it thoroughly, leaving it for as long as you can, scrubbing and scraping clean, reapplying and then scrubbing again. For heavy build-ups of carbon on an oven, you’ll find that your scraper blade or steel wool is doing most of the work but there is no eco-friendly product that I know of that will remove that easily. It feels good to clean an oven without having to wear gloves or worry about breathing in fumes. Koh works really well as an eco-friendly oven cleaner, as long as you have the right tools. It comes with a diamond sponge for heavy duty cleaning such as ovens. I wouldn’t use this at all. Throw it out. There are a lot of reports of it scratching and damaging glass and stainless steel. A scraper blade is a much safer alternative for stubborn build-ups.

The Negatives

Glass Cleaner

As far as a glass cleaner goes, I don’t rate it very highly. It’s recommended to spray and just wipe with the provided Koh cloth until the glass comes clean. This does work eventually, but it takes quite a long time.

What does most of the work is really the microfibre cloth. It would work equally well with a small amount of water, and better with vinegar because vinegar evaporates very quickly. Vinegar is also much cheaper than Koh.

The cloth is not amazing. Because it’s a multipurpose cloth it does an okay job for both glass and surfaces, but not great. A dedicated microfibre glass cloth has a tighter weave to avoid leaving streaks and lint behind, while a microfibre cleaning cloth has dangly bits to increase the surface area and trap more dirt. So I really feel that Koh underperforms as a glass cleaner. You would get a better result and save money with a glass cloth and vinegar. Or better still a squeegee.


Koh needs a bit of time to work. It needs to be sprayed and then left for about 30 seconds to work, and longer for dirty surfaces. Often you’ll need to reapply it. As a professional cleaner, working quickly is very important, and although you can spray it and do something else before wiping it, that will slow you down. It also needs a few wipes with the cloth to get rid of it. Koh behaves a bit differently to traditional cleaning products so you have to change how you clean slightly. To me, it feels slower. Not hugely, but when you’re cleaning professionally, every minute counts. If you’re just cleaning your own home and happy to take your time, it probably doesn’t matter.


For $69.75, you get a kit with 1.8L of product, a spray bottle, 4 Microfibre Cloths, 4 Diamond Sponges, and a Grout Brush: it’s not ridiculous but it is more expensive than many alternatives. The spray bottles are cheap and break easily, and you do have to use more of Koh than you would most other products, because the solution is very dilute. I wouldn’t call it a rip-off. If you like it and price isn’t a sticking point for you, it may be worth it. In my opinion it’s not particularly worth it as an all-purpose cleaner because...

It’s not necessary

We’ve been conditioned to think that cleaning products are necessary for everyday cleaning tasks. But for most tasks they’re not. Now a new wave of cleaning products are coming through that are eco-friendly. While that’s an improvement, we’re still overdoing it.

A quality microfibre cleaning cloth and some water will suffice for most everyday cleaning tasks in your house.

Vinegar is amazingly effective for cleaning bathrooms and for anything oily or greasy like stovetops or rangehoods, a small squirt of detergent in a spray bottle of water does the job. Koh just isn’t necessary for the vast majority of cleaning tasks in your house.

koh cleaning products review


Koh works as a surface cleaner, but really the cloth is doing most of the work.

It’s below average as a glass cleaner, because the cloth isn’t a tight enough weave for cleaning glass. I find Koh to be quite good as a non-toxic oven cleaner but you will need several applications and tools like a scraper blade and steel wool if your oven has build-up.

If you have allergies or very sensitive skin and even mild surfactants are too much for you, then Koh may be a great all-purpose cleaner.

I keep some on hand for cleaning ovens but that’s it. A good microfibre cloth and a bit of detergent or vinegar is my go to.

We hope you’ve found our Koh cleaning review useful. If we’ve missed anything or you have a different opinion, let us know it the comments!


  • Thomas

    The liquid is 0.5% potassium hydroxide plus water. I buy 1kg potassium hydroxide for $8 and water is pretty cheap.
    KOH is making a ton of money ~ which is fine for the company, but I stead well clear of marketing hype ~ and make my own cleaner.
    I have used KOH once and was not thrilled. Most of the grime came off with my own effort.
    I do not blame the founders of KOH for the huge price but I don’t understand why it’s so popular. Much like enjo ~ an even bigger hype over what is essentially water and elbow grease.

  • Naomi

    Great honest, unbiased review. If I need anything stronger than a damp microfibre cloth for cleaning I like Koh. Especially for stove top and grease on the range hood. It literally turns grease to brown water right before your eyes and requires only a simple wipe over. I agree, Koh isn’t great for shower screen build up and my preferring method is a paste made up of ash from my wood oven mixed with water. Needs to be applied with news paper which seems to activate the cleaning properties and although a little messy and requiring gloves, this is the best way to clean soap scum I’ve ever experienced with next to no elbow grease. It’s also better than Koh for cleaning the oven and doesn’t scratch glass surfaces. I’m not sold on the Koh floor mop for application as it seemed to deliver way too much product that wouldn’t spread far enough and left marks on matte tiles but I love it for applying to smaller floor spills (especially greasy) from the universal spray bottle and wiping up worth the dry cloth or even paper towel. Woolworths is now stocking it cheaper than their online store and Aldi just happens to have it in for the Australia Day weekend. Adding a few drops of lemon essential oil makes it a refreshing addition to any cleaning cupboard.

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  • Maggie L

    “About as rare as hen’s teeth (…)”


  • Alex

    Polite & polished review. About as rare as hen’s teeth & a true nugget of help,
    in a hyped up commercial world.

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