6 Tips to Spring Clean like Marie Kondo

Spring Cleaning with Marie Kondo

Everyone’s favourite organisation goddess, Marie Kondo has some amazing advice if you’re contemplating a major Spring clean! We absolutely love Marie Kondo at All Pure Cleaning – she is such an inspiration.

Kondo writes in her book ‘The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up,’ that when contemplating a big tidy to “keep only those things that speak to you and discard items that no longer spark joy.”

What Kondo means by this is that ‘things’ that you have a real attachment to, or just items that enliven you should be kept. Those things that don’t add value by making you feel something inside should be discarded.

Marie Kondo’s method of Spring Cleaning can be outlined in 6 simple steps. Known as the KonMari method (which won’t suit everyone) – we’re quite fond of these at All Pure Cleaning.

So here we go! Here are the 6 rules:

1. Commit to tidying up

Think how you will feel once you’ve cleaned and organised your space. How will it affect your life once the deed is done?

2. Finish discarding unwanted items before you begin organizing

This means being brutal and getting rid of items that no longer serve you or your life.

3. Tackle items by category, not by location

What does this mean? In the KonMari method you collect all your books from around the house and sort through them. Same with clothes, decorative items etc. Don’t go from room to room go by category!

4. Follow a set order for sorting items. 

This is where the method is completely ‘Kondo’s’!

Marie Kondo believes that in order to prepare yourself for separating the sentimental items you must sort through the ‘less important’ things first. So, the order goes…




Miscellaneous items 

Sentimental items last of all.

5. Keep only that which sparks joy. 

And that’s it! The KonMari method in a nutshell. 

Now it’s time to get your Spring Clean on!

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