Why choose healthy comfort foods this winter

Why choose healthy comfort foods this winter 180 cakes

As the weather cools down we start to crave lots of comfort foods, but these tend to be full of sugar. Most people are mildly aware of the negative health effects of excessive sugar consumption, yet they continue to indulge in sugar-rich foods in order to satisfy their cravings. If you have a sweet tooth but are conscious of your health, you’ve no doubt had to choose between enjoying a guilty pleasure or missing out on dessert entirely. But 180 Cakes is here to end this dilemma with our sugar-free desserts!

So why should you avoid sugar and how can 180 Cakes help?

Increased Risk of Health Issues

Most people associate high sugar consumption with an increased likelihood of obesity, but the list of adverse health effects doesn’t end here. A diet high in sugar also puts you at higher risk of fatty liver disease, heart disease, kidney complications and even cancer.

It took me (Kara Payne from 180 Cakes) over 7 months to develop my baking mixes because I wanted them to be sugar free and packed with the goodness of ingredients like almonds so they wouldn’t contribute to obesity and the above health risks.

Detrimental to Your Oral Health 

Not only does sugar causes tooth cavities, which can worsen and lead to gum inflammation and infection, but your oral health also impacts your general wellbeing. Bad oral health is directly linked to an increased risk of heart disease and a weakened immune system.

I decided to use xylitol as the sweetener in my mixes because studies have determined that xylitol boosts dental health and helps prevent tooth decay because oral bacteria cannot feed on xylitol like they do glucose. 

Accelerated Aging

Sugar is known to make you age faster. Not only will the way you feel and the appearance of your skin be affected, but researchers have also theorised that excessive sugar is linked to an accelerated decline in cognition and general brain function as you age.

On the other hand, chocolate in its pure form is packed with antioxidants that help reverse the ageing process. It has been proven to fight inflammation, increase blood flow, and even lessen the appearance of wrinkles. Besides, consuming chocolate has been linked to several improved brain functions and is effective in counteracting cognitive decline. However, if you want to reap the anti-ageing benefits of chocolate, note that it must be unadulterated with sugar. With our range of sugar-free chocolate treats, you get to indulge in chocolate, guilt-free, and fight the ageing process all at the same time!

Mental Health 

You have probably also noticed that when you are fuelling your body with sugar your mental health suffers. When your blood sugar levels are imbalanced, your mood suffers as a result. Excess sugar consumption increases your chances of developing depression.

On the contrary, chocolate has the ability to elevate your mood. Yet another reason to enjoy some sugar-free chocolate goodies!

There’s no reason to keep binging on sugar when it clearly doesn’t do you any good, and especially when there are so many healthier alternatives to choose from in this day. So why not try some of my delicious sugar free products and experience pure decadence today, minus the guilt and negative consequences!

Post by Kara Payne of 180 Cakes (www.180cakes.com)

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