Our 'Bond Back' Guarantee

Moving house can be a stressful experience, so we want our end of lease cleaning service to be as hassle-free as possible. For your peace of mind, our clean is covered by a bond-back guarantee.

If your real estate agent is not happy with the standard of the clean, we will return and rectify any issues for free.

While call-backs are not a common occurrence, we have this guarantee so that you can be assured that our service does not end when the bill is paid. We are even happy to liaise directly with your real estate agent to arrange our return to the property and to ensure that they are satisfied with the job so that your bond is not withheld.

Terms of our bond guarantee:

  • Issues must be raised within 48 hours of the clean
  • We can only guarantee any work that we ourselves have completed in our agreed scope of work
  • We can only guarantee cleaning-related claims on your bond
  • We can not guarantee or rectify damage in your property, including permanent damage caused by a lack of cleaning
  • If you do not approve the total time needed to complete your job, any tasks we don’t have time to complete can not be covered by our bond guarantee
  • If you advise us that any task or issue does not require our attention or does not require further attention, it is unlikely that we can cover this with our bond guarantee
  • We will need the cooperation of your agent or landlord to re-enter the property
  • We provide a return-and-rectify guarantee, not a money-back guarantee. This is in line with Australian Consumer Law, in which a ‘remedy’ and not a ‘refund’ is considered the appropriate response to minor issues or failures that occur in the provision of cleaning services.