Full Circle Loads of Fun 4-piece Recyled Laundry Wash Bags

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Often called “Delicates Bags,” these laundry bags are not only perfect for small and delicate items but also gentle on our planet. Research shows that wash bags can prevent wear and tear on clothing and reduce microfiber shedding.

This durable set of wash bags is made from recycled plastic and helps minimize the amount of microplastics entering our waterways.

While laundry day might not be everyone's favorite, Mother Earth appreciates the effort.

  • Includes 2 small bags for small garments and delicates, which can be attached to your laundry hamper for easy sorting
  • Includes 2 large bags to extend the life of frequently worn clothes like activewear and jackets
  • Prevents wear and tear on your clothes


      • Small: 30.38cm x 40.64cm /  12" x 16" 
      • Large: 40.64cm x 60.96cm /  16" x 24"


      100% recycled water bottles (rPET) mesh, plastic zipper

      Care Instructions:

      For best results, avoid overfilling. A good rule of thumb is to not fill bags more than half way.

      Small laundry bags: Great for delicate items, and will help you keep your socks in pairs.

      Large laundry bags: Perfect for larger items, will preserve elasticity in activewear and keep hardware (buttons, zippers, etc.) from damaging other clothes.