Dr Tung's Dental Floss 27m

Dr Tung's Dental Floss 27m

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55% more plaque than ordinary floss, Smart Floss excels in versatility and performance. Its unique design allows it to expand and stretch, reaching the depths of interdental spaces for superior cleaning. This advanced floss is perfect for everyone, including those with tight or wide gaps, as well as individuals with braces.

Experience a gentler flossing experience with Smart Floss, as its cushion-soft texture and stretchable nature prevent gum irritation and finger discomfort, unlike traditional flosses lacking flexibility.

Smart Floss stands out as more effective than conventional floss, including waxed, unwaxed, and PTFE monofilament floss, such as Glide. Boasting superior efficacy, even electric or manual flossers claiming to rival the effectiveness of regular floss cannot compete with Smart Floss. With its ability to clean around teeth and penetrate deeper into interdental spaces, Smart Floss leaves your teeth impeccably clean.

Size: 27m / Assorted colours