Full Circle All Purpose Scrub Brush Tough Stuff

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Tough love for tubs, tiles, and surfaces that need it most. From grout grime to shower scum, reinforced bristles, and an ergonomic design team up for a sure-handed grip that goes to work - and gets the grimy job done - beautifully. 

  • Reinforced bristles to tackle tough messes
  • Stores upright for fast, tidy drying
  • Sturdy-meets-sustainable design


    11.30cm x 13cm x 9.7cm / Bamboo, microfiber filament, recycled plastic


    Bamboo, recycled plastic

    We're all about the details and that means the whole product lifecycle has been considered, down to the non-toxic coating on the bamboo. Our certified recycled plastic bristles have super scrubbing power to get the job done making this product both efficient and sustainable.

    Care Instructions:

    Products like this do best with a thorough wash in warm, soapy water. Just let it dry thoroughly before using and you’ll be ready to go.