Full Circle Scrub Queen Toilet Brush

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Introducing the Scrub Queen Toilet Brush - a stylish and sustainable cleaning tool you'll be proud to display. Its elegant ceramic base is equipped with a Dry Earth™ insert that naturally absorbs moisture and fights odour, ensuring a hygienic bathroom environment.

Crafted from recycled aluminum, ceramic, bamboo, and recycled plastic bristles, this eco-friendly toilet brush offers both form and function. Its unique mohawk bristle design allows for effective cleaning in those hard-to-reach areas while sitting gracefully in its ceramic holder featuring a non-slip, non-scratch base.

Additional Features:

  • Dry Earth™ stone insert absorbs water, inhibiting mould and bacterial growth.
  • Interchangeable brush head for added longevity, eliminating the need to buy a new brush each time.
  • Handle made from recycled aluminum and bamboo for eco-conscious durability.


    10cm x 10cm x 46cm