Full Circle The Ring Veggie Brush

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Revitalise your kitchen routine and embrace the purity of nature with the Full Circle 'The Ring' Veggie Brush. This eco-conscious gem is designed to gently yet effectively eliminate dirt and unwanted pesticide residues from your fruits and vegetables, ensuring your meals remain wholesome and bursting with goodness. With its robust bristles, the brush tackles even the most stubborn particles, safeguarding your family's health without compromising the integrity of your produce.
  • Ergonomically designed with a solid, wooden ring handle, this brush offers a comfortable grip, allowing you to channel additional scrubbing power effortlessly.
  • The durable bristles are meticulously crafted to cleanse your fruits and veggies thoroughly, removing dirt and harmful residues while preserving their delicate skins.
  • Its innovative ring shape is not just a nod to style but also offers practical benefits – hang it up for tidy storage or slip it onto your wrist for ease during those dishwashing sessions.
  • Complete your eco-friendly kitchen ensemble with our range of White Magic Eco Basics cleaning tools, designed to bring efficiency and environmental consciousness into your home.

Embrace a healthier, more sustainable way of living with the Full Circle The Ring Veggie Brush, a small step towards a greener planet and a cleaner plate.

Size: 9x3cm x 9.5cm

Care Instructions

Wash the brush with warm soapy water and then rinse, leaving to dry. Do not leave to soak