Full Circle Wipe Out Pivoting Squeegee - White 24cm

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Introducing the ultimate accessory for those who treasure spotless tiles and crystal-clear glass surfaces. Say hello to Wipe Out, your new best friend in achieving a shimmering clean across mirrors, shower enclosures, and those tricky-to-reach spots. Kick off your journey to a flawless clean today - use your squeegee after every shower to keep water spots and hard water stains/etching away!

  • Features a swivelling head and user-friendly design for effortless operation
  • Comes with a convenient suction cup and hook for easy shower access
  • Boasts a renewable bamboo handle that stands on its own
  • Crafted from eco-friendly bamboo and recycled plastic materials
  • Proudly holds B-Corp Certification




    Color: Classic White. Made from Bamboo & Recycled Plastic