Magic Eraser Cleaning Sponge 3pk

Magic Eraser Cleaning Sponge 3pk

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The cleaning eraser / magic sponge removes stubborn marks & stains just like magic! The special construction of the sponge means there is no need to use any other products to clean with – you just need water! 

The magic eraser can help to remove finger prints, marks from doors, walls and floors, mould from grout and shower tiles, soap scum from shower screens, crayon marks from walls, burnt food from pots & pans, scuff marks on car plastics & bumpers and so much more. 

Size: 12cm x 5cm x 4cm

How to Use

  • Simply add water, squeeze the water out, wipe over the stain/mark to remove. When you have finished, rinse the sponge and reuse for next time. 
  • Note: the sponge will gradually disappear as you use it.


  • Do not use on surfaces that are dark, polished, glossy or vanished.
  • Always test a small inconspicuous are first with light pressure to ensure the surface is suitable for cleaning with the sponge.
  • If ingested seek immediate medical attention
  • Do not rub in skin or on animals
  • Store in a cool dry place
  • If use on dishes or cutlery always rinse them thoroughly after use